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What Happened Last Week On Social Media (Marketer’s Edition)

Top 5 Updates of the Week:
  • Elon Musk wants you to pay $8/month to keep Blue verification badges.

  • Instagram Adds Gift sharing to Instagram reels, another rip off of TikTok.

  • Youtube unveils online marketplace for Streaming services as a new service.

  • WhatsApp launches communities, big Chat groups with up to 1,024 members allowed.

  • Twitter about to turn into only fans as Elon is planning to launch paywalled content and is willing to launch a lot of monetization features.

  • Google is getting rid of similar audience segments.

  • Google introduces a new search label for Coupons & Promos.

  • Google introduces Ads Data hub for Marketers & Advertisers.

  • Google Business Profile Photo Insights are ending.

  • Google rolls out two news to analyze Data in the Ads Data Hub.

  • Google to end long-time messaging App “Hangouts”.

  • Tiktok updated privacy policy in EU which states Chinese companies can access user data.

  • Tiktok featured officially confirmed now: The platform will inform creators about the posts you save.

  • TikTok’s parent company Bytedance hints at launch of new Tiktok Music platform.

  • Tiktok launches new in-app effects and events for the Native American Heritage Month.

  • Instagram launches Access to selling NFTs directly in platform for selected creators.

  • Instagram fixed the big causing people to lose followers, the trend was called Bots removal by IG gurus but in actual was a bug.

Meta :
  • Meta opens Facebook’s Professional mode to all creators globally.

  • Meta to ditch human-curated Facebook News stories globally.

  • Meta achieves MRC accreditation for Brand Safety & Quality in Ad placement.

  • Meta launched Business Messaging Accelerator Program.

  • Elon musk to cut around 50% of Twitter’s workforce, major tweets against employees by The New CEO.

  • Twitter to shut down its slightly successful Newsletter platform “Revue”.

  • Twitter pauses Crypto wallet development.

  • Musk blames “Activist Groups” for the new advertising downfall.

  • Twitter is up to a lot of changes, these were the some I thought needed to be shared with you.

  • Youtube is expanding YouTube search insights to more languages and also introduced a new Channel page layout.

  • YouTube to allow creators to go-live together as a co-streaming feature available on Mobile Apps for now, no desktop version is planned.

  • Snapchat partnered with Amazon to launch new AR filters & lenses for product try-ons.

  • Snap partners with fitness app strava to allow users to share Fitness snaps.

  • BigCommerce teams up with Snapchat to help US merchants to integrate their shops within the app.

  • LinkedIn working on verified Information feature along and adding “Account Creation” Dates listing on your profile.

  • Apple is offering new Ad placements on Today Tab and Product pages.

  • Microsoft credit Card Ads are now available globally + 11 new product updates from Microsoft.

  • Patreon now allows you to host your premium video content directly within the platform.

  • This week Netflix’s Ad supported tier was launched and didn’t made a hype.

  • Twitch’s guest star feature is now available around the globe.

  • Substack launched discussion feature to encourage in-platform engagement.

  • Signal to roll out Snapchat like stories feature.

  • Microsoft Ads Performance Tool upgraded with new campaign settings ans much more.

  • Apple is working on building an Ad network around its sport deal with Major League soccer.


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