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Artificial intelligence as a marketing tool

Marketing Analytics

The use of artificial intelligence in marketing has recently become one of the most popular and discussed topics. AI opens up many new opportunities and prospects for marketers and business owners, and interest in this technology is only growing.

For a long time AI was perceived as something from the realm of science fiction or as a technology of the distant future, however today AI-based systems solve practical problems and bring real benefits to business. AI has become an indispensable marketing tool, and this is due to the changes that are happening now.

Among many reasons for such changes, first of all, the growth in data volumes. This is a global trend driven by the increasing popularity of mobile devices and the expansion of the online business. Moreover, the significance and usefulness of AI as a tool for analyzing large volumes of information is beyond doubt.

Another reason is the development of technology. This is directly related to the increase in data volumes: processing a large amount of information requires a more advanced and modern technological base.

As a result of the changes that have occurred at the present stage of development of the AI ​​sphere, personalized marketing in real time has become possible. Personalization has become one of the fundamental global trends in marketing, and this is directly related to the implementation of AI technologies.

Personalized approach

To get a response from the target audience, ready to purchase promoted products or services, is the main goal of each marketing campaign. Based on this, approaches and measures are developed that are aimed at meeting the needs of the target group of consumers. Until recently, it looked something like this: for example, a commercial for washing powder was placed in intervals during the broadcast of the series, popular among housewives.

But today, thanks to AI, the targeted approach has become a reality, when advertising can no longer be directed to a wide audience, but to a specific consumer, which means it becomes as effective as possible. Personalized and relevant advertising content that meets all the needs of a particular consumer, allows you to get the right response and stimulate the purchase.

Personalization involves building communication with the consumer on a whole new level. In this case, all factors are taken into account: gender and age characteristics, interests and needs of the audience, the most acceptable format of communication, etc. That AI allows you to implement this approach, since each advertising message contains a number of elements that can be personalized (format, image, color palette, message, slogans, etc.). In addition, advertising can be adapted taking into account the broadcast area, the technical capabilities of the medium, time of day, season and many other factors. AI-based systems are able to instantly analyze all these conditions and provide a high level of personalization, so they are becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool.

The use of AI as a marketing tool gives business representatives a number of advantages

· Analysis and practical application of information in real time. Modern systems based on AI can not only accumulate huge amounts of information about visitors, but also systematize it and then put it into practice. They can recognize many different scenarios and instantly make decisions based on the data received;

· In-depth knowledge of the needs of your audience. AI technologies allow you to better know the needs and interests of the target audience, evaluate the reaction of consumers to each advertising campaign and subsequently use this knowledge in the development of marketing events;

· Optimization of advertising costs. The use of AI technologies makes it possible to optimize the budget due to a clearer understanding of the needs of the audience and a reduction in the cost of irrelevant, and therefore ineffective advertising. Thus, marketing funds will be spent more efficiently and rationally.

Today, AI technologies are actively developing, new opportunities appear, and the functionality of systems is expanding. Therefore, the study and implementation of AI becomes an important task in the implementation of the marketing strategy.

In order for marketing to be effective, modern marketing specialists using AI to understand the impact on the results of the campaign of various factors and sources of information in real time, such as weather, season, time of day, etc. All this affects consumer behavior and is necessary to increase efficiency advertising. We must not forget that the relevant advertising, maximally tailored to the given consumer and the surrounding conditions, is perceived not as an imposition of a product or service, but as a useful assistant when making purchases, therefore it brings the best results.

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